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  Product Detail
  The Power Bank is a high capacity, aesthetically beautiful, portable power supply.
The Power Bank will charge practically any device - iPad, iPad 2, iPad3, iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S), iPod (all generations), Galaxy Tab, Android and many, many more. Simply connect your device to the Power Bank via USB cable and that's it!
The Power Bank has 2 usb input ports so two devices can be charged at the same time!
This is unique to the Power Bank - no other portable power supply/battery supports dual charging.
The high capacity, 5200mAh Polymer Lithium-Ion battery provides a huge amount of portable charge - enough, for example, to charge an iPhone 4 from empty up to 5 times! And it does this whilst maintaing a slim, sleek, ultra-portable design.
The Power Bank comes with a triple-adapter USB cable - allowing connection to any Apple Device as well as micro and mini USB compatible devices. This cable can also be used to charge the Power Bank itself. Standard USB cables (i.e. the ones that came with your gadget/device) can also be used with the Power Bank.

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Iron Man Armor Power Bank

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